Why Organic Egg Better Than Free Range Egg

Organic food is already become popular term nowadays. Organic egg is a part of organic food that already recognized healthier than other kind of egg product. Not only healthier, this kind of egg also more friendly to the environment. Another kind of egg farm product that produced in industrial poultry and egg production use chemical and drug. Whether organic or regular produced egg are having their own weight standard according to the USDA. The weight itself are divided into 6 types. Those are Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, and Peewee. Not only the weight, USDA also have their own quality standards for organic egg. This standard based on the quality of the egg shell including the yolk and egg white condition. Beside that, the shape of the egg also become another measurement. After all these measurement already rated then it will be classified into 3 kinds. Those rate are AA, A and B. Those rate is chosen based on the condition of the egg shell. That is why, even though the yolk is categorized in AA but if the albumen is rated into B then the whole egg shell is defined as B.

organic egg

organic egg

Organic egg is classified according to the USDA standards. To be defined as organic, the egg must be produce from chicken that growth and feed by the organic material. Organic material feeding means that there is no synthetic fertilizer, chemical additives and pesticides. Beside that, organic egg also not use any kind of modified foods. Antibiotics also should not given to organic egg farm. The antibiotics is only allow to be given when the chicken get any infection. It is far difference with the other product that categorized as commercial chicken. Commercial chicken usually get antibiotics in a routine basis. Organic is completely safer because no hormones and drugs are used.  In organic dairy, the molting is difference because only the natural molting is occured. It is simply because it can not be induced in organic chicken. Another difference between organic egg and other product is the living environtment. The organic living in a free cage environment so that they have sufficient access to the outdo7yors. It does not mean that they can fuly living in a free but in a pen or closure yard to protect chicken and their egg from predator like foxes, hawks, coyotes, raccons and other.
Another important difference between organic egg and free range egg is the price. The organic is clearly more expensive than the commercial one. It is commonly because production cost of the organic need more expense to fulfilled the organic certification requirements. That is why the price can be reach up to $4 per dozen. The farm worker also need to meet the USDA standard. It means that at least the organic egg must come from chicken that have access to a small and fenced patch. This kind of farm environment is purposed to give sufficient access to the chicken so that they can fulfilled the USDA requirement report. The same term also applied to the organic cow where free environment and no chemical require to proved. Organic cow is feed with organic grass so that they can produce organic milk and livestrong than other regular growth cattle. All of those complicated and more effort in the natural growth process make organic egg have more expensive price than the regular one.

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