Most Effective Ways to Overcome Toxic Thing in Our Housing

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December 5, 2012
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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Toxic Thing in Our Housing

Like wise word say that home sweet home is a truly dream of every one of us. Who can deny the cozy feeling when we already done with our job or business in a rush hour and go back to home. Imagine that we can lie down in our couch after dealing with busy daily routine. At least that is the idea that figure out by most of us. In fact, we are not free from other threaten problem when we are going back home. There are a lot of toxic thing in our housing. This chemical that contain toxic may cause cancer or such reproduction problem. Even couch that may consider as the most enjoyable place for us to relax may contain the most toxic thing. Usually the chemical that mostly use in couch or sofa is the one to prevent fires come up when our foam exposed to open flame. One research that held by Duke University even found out that 50 % of couch foam in America contain dangerous toxic thing in our housing that may causing cancer. Beside that, there are several reason to support the statement that many items in our house that cause healthy problem as detailed below:

1.      Item like flame retardant furniture do not stop fire problem and threaten our health.

Here is the fact around couch as one of toxic thing in our housing that studied based on its purchase year :

Couch before 2005

This kind of couch possibly hiding a dangerous chemical substance named PentaBDE that may affect the neurological development of children. Almost 40 % of couch that studied contain these chemical that categorized as toxic thing in our housing.

Couch after 2005

The couch on this year contain bad chemical named TDCPP that well known as ‘tris’. This chemical substance is the main cause of cancer.

Another kind of chemical that found as the source of couch as toxic thing in our housing is a chemical blend named Firemaster 550.The research of Robin Dodson from Silent Spring Institute  found out that the blending of chemical like Firemaster 550 hold great contribution for reproduction damage and children developmental cases. Many other chemical or blend that found on the list of usage in most sofa or couch bring dangerous impact toward human health.

2.      Flame retardant claim on most of our furniture may cause infertility problem

Dodson also studied about the connection between our daily usage of sofa and couch as one of toxic thing in our housing with our health. He found that the sample contain 55 different kind of flame retardant that contain chemical and combination of chemical. All of this sample contain chemicals that primarily causing cancer. The process itself start when the foam of our sofa and couch break down. When this happen then the chemicals will spread out through the airborne. Automatically the chemicals will inhale when we are breathing while sitting on it. More over, it is not only sofa or couch that use the dangerous chemical. We may also find toxic thing in our housing from the carpet, curtain or building insulation. So basically we can be free from the exposure of dangerous chemical  because all of the furniture that made from petroleum based fiber will contain flame retardants. It means that it possibly contaminate our health with its chemical substance.

With all of the fact that already mentioned above then we can do these several things to help us deal with toxic thing in our housing :

1.      We can follow the ‘green movement’ by turn into natural fiber.

If previously, we are tend to buy furniture that made from petroleum based fiber then we can change to natural fiber material. The example of natural fiber that contain no harmful chemical are linen and wool. So, just try to find rug or curtain that made from these two material to minimize toxic event.

2.      If the furniture is break then we should fixed it immediately to eliminate the chemical exposure of many toxic thing in our housing.

The contamination or exposure will happen mostly because the foam is ripped out. To minimize the possibility of toxic thing in our housing then we can repair it to prevent the dust of chemical inhales by us. Beside that, immediately repair can keep our asset performance.

3.      Use vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust of toxic thing in our housing .

The HEPA filter system in a vacuum can be useful for us. It is simply because it can help us to moved out the toxicated dust from our housing furniture.

4.      Put washing hand in our daily routine list of ‘to do thing’

Believe it or not, we are not safe even though we are out of our home. We still possibly contaminate by chemical through the flame retardant substance in car, electronic or office furniture. That is why we need to regularly wash our hand so that we can reduce the risk of being contaminated by toxic thing in our housing or outside area. Do not need to care if many people thing that we are too strict or crazy about hygienic issues as long as we can protect ourselves from chemicals residue.

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