Fun Ways to Teach Our Children about Organic Foods

Most of us may already aware about the importance of healthier food consumption for our health. That is why we turn into organic food than keep consuming the regular commercial product. It is simply because the organic foods product growth process is free from pesticide and any other chemical substance. That is why the price will also higher than the regular one because the farmer is heavily depend on nature help. We may be happily spending much more money to gain healthy product because we already know the benefits of organic. Bur how about our children? We have to teach our children about organic foods so that they can have sufficient knowledge about its importance when they grow up.

Teach our children about organic foods importance and benefit may give a long lasting awareness for children. They will keep the concept of consuming healthier food. As we know, kid will face many choices of various foods when they grow up. If we already teach our children about organic foods then they will be wiser in making choices. The key is just making a fun activity so that they will enjoy learn with us. We can ask them to join on gardening activity. Let them plant and take care of organic vegetable garden. While doing this process, we can explain to them how it grow and the dangerous of chemical substance usage. Just be sure to choose fast growing plants to maintain their attraction. We can simply choose tomatoes, radishes, or lettuce. We can also involving them to harvest and prepare the food for dinner. It will be a kind of enjoyable way to teach our children about organic foods.

Another way to teach our children about organic foods is by make a clear comparison between organic product and the regular one. We can teach our children about organic foods through some label form organic product and the regular commercial ingredients. Put some bowl and name it with our selected product. After that, we can replace each gram of the ingredient with a tablespoon of sugar or salt. By doing this process, our kid will clearly seen the differences of how many calories intake or how many sugar and salt. This method will teach our children about organic foods through clear comparison of the ingredients inside it. At the end, they will realize that organic food that processed and planted in such organic farm will be safer than regular product that growth with many addition of chemical substances.

We may also teach our children about organic foods through provides the foods that they love. Teaching through ask them joining to make healthy recipe of organic ice cream or organic bake will be great. Not only ask them to join when we make it but also ask them to make a comparison between a non organic product ingredients with the one that we make. The regular ice cream product mostly contain a high percentage of preservatives like monosodium glutamate, sodium alginate, ammonium carbonate, and etc. ask them do the same thing for the organic ice cream that we make. By doing this, we can teach our children about organic foods benefit of little preservatives containing. Teach our children about organic foods in the young age will make them more ready to face any temptation of unhealthy food consume.

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