7 Undeniable Benefit of Organic Food and Farming

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November 17, 2012
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7 Undeniable Benefit of Organic Food and Farming

Organic is already become the trend nowadays. It is also including all of the organic aspects like organic food and farming. Even the pro and contradiction about  organic also attract media attention. In the media itself, the contradiction mostly dealing with the benefit of the organic food than the regular one. It is obviously connected with the nutritional value that consist inside the organic. For those who are still have doubt with the organic food and farming benefit that the following explanation will erase it. The list below will consist of several benefit that should open up our consideration on this:

  1. Organic farming can provide sustainable source.

One differentiation between the organic and non-organic method is the result and effect of this method toward environment. Since the organic food and farming using no chemical then it can minimize the bad impact toward environment. Automatically it will succeed to fulfilled the current people demand without destroying the land and soil for the future generation.

  1. Organic provide us a way to participate in our environment protection.

Organic food usually completed with the organic label since they can pass the USDA requirement. By choosing this kind of product we also taking an active involvement to protect and maintain our plant diversities.

  1. Warranty of chemical free susbtance containing

Many of us may not aware yet the positive impact that may resulting from organic food and farming. In fact, the organic product have eliminate our risk to get exposed by the chemica substance. Obviously it will also bring good impact toward our health.

  1. Many studies proved that it has better impact on health than the regular commercial food.

Since the regular commercial food using the old system where using chemical substance is a normal thing to do then it is automatically bring high risk on human that consume it. Pesticide that is commonly used in regular farming system make it possible who consume it in daily basis may get disease from the pesticide residue. Beside that, we may also being resistant with the bacteria. In other side, organic food and farming offering free chemical and additive that may reduce the possibilities of pesticide residue.

  1. Organic food and farming bring more nutrient toward our body.

One example of the good impact of organic food product is the nutrient that contain inside organic milk. The organic milk production that are free from any chemical and additives make it contains more Omega 3 fatty acid. As we know that this kind of nutrient is very usefull for heart health. Not only that, the organic milk that resulting from organic food and farming also contain another important nutrient like phospor and even phenol that is very usefull for us to prevent us from dangerous disease like cancer.

  1. Organic product is also healthier for children

Studied also find a fact that children that are get used to consume the food and farming product that using organic method having less pesticide exposure possibilty. It is obviously conclude from the urine tract result.

  1. Less risk of Eczema

Another benefit of organic food consumption for children is the lower risk of eczema disease. As we know that children usually get eczema when they reach the ages of two. We may avoid this through consuming the food that resulting from organic food and farming method. Many studied also prove that the more than 90% of respondent that get used to consume organic food get lower risk of eczema that those wo do  not consume the organic.

Basically the organic product that resulting from organic food and farming method is more than just the certification achievement. There are more benefit if we can make such association on this toward our health. It can bring us to achieve better health while taking part of maintaining the environment balance condition. As we know that the organic farmer do the planting up to the crop process naturally. It means that it does not involve any chemical to boost the growth, add some flavor or even controlling the pest. Automatically it will keep the soil fertility. When the soil is fertile then it means that we can leave a fertile land toward our descendant. That is why there should be no more doubt to turn into the organic product. And all of this good thing will only happen if we follow the organic food and farming method correctly.

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