Newest Organic Trends in 2013

 Organic food trends including many products. One of it is the organic food. Each year the trend of organic changes. For the 2013, here are some food that become trend:

  1. Oats that free from gluten

Many of us may already know that organic foods that free from gluten is a real healthy. Beside that, it will be a promising target in the market. However, the price is also more expensive than the normal product. That is why many companies still use the common oat because the price of oat that free from gluten is far more expensive.

Organic food trends that dealing with  the gluten free oat make there is only two possibilities. Those possibilities are the manufacturer of organic product will buy in a bulk to get lower cost and compete in the organic food industry. The other possibilities regarding the organic food trends of free gluten oat is the bravery of the producer even thought they have to increase the product price.

  1. The wave of the European product invasion.

Previously, the manufacturer of organic food is difficult to invade into another continent following the organic food trends. That is why if the company want to be able to sell their product in US and European Union always get some barrier. It is because the regulation require the manufacturer to have complete organic certification paperwork. Even though the organic food trends start to reach another continent but not many people can do this.  Organic trends already influenced many people in different continent. This condition makes the government make some changes dealing with the paperwork certification. Last year the United Stated and European Union signed an agreement dealing with the regulation. To follow the market trends, US and EU set an organic food free trade agreement that the certificated product can be sold in another trade zone without any additional certificate. Absolutely it can be include as a profit for the manufacturer because they do not need to require new certificate to sold the same product in different zone. Organic food trends make people have much more option.

  1. Sugar Free

The next changes in organic food trends including the reducing of sugar in food product. As we know that many product that sold in the supermarket using additional sweetener. Instead of using artificial sweetener  then the manufacturer turn into another type of additional sweetener like agave, brown rice syrup, palm sugar, stevia, honey, cane juice and etc).  Another option that also become new organic food trends is use fruit that can be obtain from organic farm. The kind of fruit that commonly used are berries, dates and other.

  1. Drinks that contain prebiotic

Organic food trends always dealing with health issues. That is why the concern of manufacturer is not only for food but also the drink. It is become main issue for children. The new invention is drink that contain prebiotic. Doctor also held many research dealing with the connection between prebiotic addition with children health. This good bacteria can help us solve the digestive problem, autism, diabetes, food allergies and autoimmune disorders. That is why  many parents start to be aware of the organic food trends correlation with their children health.

  1. More Transparent in Raw Food

The assumption that come into many people mind is that ‘anything that heated under 118 degrees’ will be considered as raw food. Unluckily there is no exact governmental regulation that dealing with this assumption. All that we can do is just rely into the company ethic that produce the product. The fact is that many company that is not truth about the ingredient that they use. Current, many manufacturer follow the organic food trends by labeling his product with raw material to fulfill the demand. We can not rely on the government since they seem not like to involve in this controversy of ‘raw’. That is why, the food trends on 2013 should be the demand of the customer to asking about transparency.

The Advantages of Organic Dried Fruit Consumption

Organic dried fruit is a kind of organic food that made from organic fruit. It means that the fruit plant is not grown by using any dangerous substance like chemical pesticide or fertilizer that made from petroleum. It is made this kind of fruit safe to be consume than the other ordinary dried fruit product that available in the market. This is a new healthier snacking choices. Organic dried fruit is already available in many food stores or even a big supermarket.  Of course we have to be sure to choose the right organic one through the label and USDA seal attached on it. Consuming this kind of organic food can give a ot of benefit toward our health. This kind of dried fruit contain many vitamins and nutrients. It is also free from sulfites as chemical substance that usually added into non organic dried fruit product. As we know that sulfites is a kind of preservative that may causing allergic reaction to some people. Moreover, organic dried fruit contain the fiber to support healthy colon function in gaining weight loss. In fact, women have to consume at least 20 grams of fiber while men around 30. This need of fiber can be fulfilled easily while we are snacking on this dried fruit.

Eating organic dried fruit as a plain snacking may delicious but sometimes we may get bored with it. To overcome that, We may use it into a recipe. We can simply use this snack for breakfast or dessert.  For breakfast, we can mix several dried fruit like blueberries, strawberries or banana to our favorite cereal. We even can add it into yoghurt or pancakes. Another recipe of meal is adding the dried apricots or grape into our meatball. Organic dried fruit is also perfect to be added on our dessert. There are a lot of choices such as add the raisin into the bread or muffins. So practically the dried fruit is not less nutrient than the raw fruit because the organic processing keeping the nutrients and vitamin inside. It is also can be a new way to provide nutritious snack to our children. We often slice bare fruit and put it into our children lunch box. Have we ever imagine that our kids may get bored with this way. By using organic dried fruit, we can be easier to pack a healthier snacking for our beloved one. If we have limited budget then do not desperate with it. We can make it on our own. Firstly we need to buy organic fruit and dry it in a peak of ripeness dehydrate. After that we can store it inside airtight container and put it in the freezer. We just need to take out every time we want to consume it. Another good thing about organic dried fruit is that it can be last for a year if stored in a properly manner.

Be sure that we buy organic dried fruit that completed with certified organic label on its package. Do not get easily teased by dried fruit that claimed as an ‘organic ‘product that do not have certificate because it can not warranty of the ingredient inside. There are also another trapped that usually make us confuse to choose. The trap is ‘natural’ label. Make from natural ingredient does not mean that the ingredient used is at least 95% organically processed. Automatically it can be said as organic dried fruit product. Buy organic is simply better and safer but it does not mean that it do not have any disadvantage. The disadvantage itself include the loss of water soluble vitamin like vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium. When the water is remove through the drying process then the sugar content becomes concentrate in it. It make the calorie level gets higher than fresh fruit. Beside that the life period is shorter than the other commercial dried product. It is simply because it does not use any preservatives as the other does. We still can use the freezer to prolong the life period. So it is all up to us to make a wise choice. We can pick the organic dried fruit that proved safer and healthier or the commercial one that using many chemical substance and possibly leaving residue when we consume it.

Organic Foods Is The Best Food For Your Health